April 18, 2016

New Home Construction

Our homes are sold to our selected families, with a 0%-interest mortgage (0% APR). We then set a low monthly payment that is calculated with the families income in mind. Payment amounts are handled on a case by case assessment and are maintained throughout the ownership. Families are also responsible for the closing cost of the home, which also varies, but is typically around $3,000.

The mortgage lengths vary depending on income. Coos Bay Area Habitat for Humanity adjusts the length of the mortgage so that the monthly payment (which includes taxes, insurance, and any other fee associated with the homeownership) is no greater than 30% of the homeowner’s gross monthly income at the time of sale.

Coos Bay Area Habitat for Humanity’s homeowners mortgage payments are put into a revolving fund that helps fund current and future construction of homes in the Coos Bay Area.

After, the qualifying application families are placed into a selection of families to fill out secondary application. This application verifies the families qualifications, and solidifies their eligibility for our home builds. Once Coos Bay Area Habitat for Humanity has determined the remaining families are 100% qualified to be a Habitat home owner, their file is handed over to the Family Selection Committee. Which follows strict guidelines to insure Coos Bay Area Habitat for Humanity does not discriminate because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, sexual orientation, age, gender identity or national origin. The committee then preforms home visits, and family interviews. Where the family is analyzed based on the house hold’s needs. This point scale system eliminates all names, genders, and all other types of personal information. The only Committee member who knows any personal information about the family, is the member who visited the family.

Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative (NRI)

Coos Bay Area Habitat for Humanity
 doesn’t just build homes for those in need; we also focus on the community through our Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative & A brush with Kindness program. This is a combination of smaller programs and projects that focus on bringing low income homeowners a much needed hand up, as well as refreshing the neighborhoods you know and love! We help existing homeowners in Coos County eliminate sub-standard housing through a variety of programs, including:

Brings needed attention to abandoned or foreclosed properties by restoring these homes to living condition and then selling them (Not for profit) back to a refreshed community

Critical Home Repair
Addresses extensive interior and exterior repairs for existing low-income homeowners. This may include roof replacement, electrical and plumbing, and handicap accessibility renovations to address health and safety concerns.

Home Preservation
Preserves the exterior of homes by focusing on minor repairs, painting and landscaping.

Improves energy efficiency and indoor air quality for existing low-income homeowners.

To see if you’re eligible and qualify for any of these programs, please visit our A Brush of Kindness” page, where you will find more information on what programs are currently active!



If you are an applicant with any disability and need to request accommodations to access any of our services, please contact the us via telephone at 1-(541)-756-9080 or email @