A Brush With Kindness

April 22, 2016

Through our A Brush With Kindness  and Critical Home Repair programs, we partner with homeowners to eliminate critical health and safety issues and complete much needed home improvement projects. Currently, Coos Bay Area Habitat for Humanity has completed 15 projects this year: and with your help, we can continue to help support the community!

Recent Projects

Last year we partnered with ORCCA to help remodel the Senior Center bathrooms. (located on the corner of 4th street and Ingersoll)

Check back often, as there is more to come about this project!

We are currently accepting applications for the following CRITICAL  REPAIRS 

– Roof
***To qualify for a roof replacement, the cost of repairing the roof must exceed 60% of the cost to replace the roof***

– Siding
– Insulation
– Water Damage
– Windows and Exterior Doors


Qualifying Application General Guidelines

  1. The qualifying household must own and reside in their home. Coos Bay Area Habitat of Humanity will not work on rentals or on out buildings.
  2. Must have a monthly income less that 60% of the median income for Coos County HUD (click here to be taken to the current standards)
  3. Repayment as low as $50 per month for some portion or all of repair will be expected upon completion of services. Amount due and amount of payment will be determined based on household income and work done to the home.
  4. To receive this service, the applicant must fill out the qualifying application completely. If approved the applicant must fill out the supplementary application, providing all required verification documentation. A release and waiver of liability form must be signed before the application can be processed. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  5. If an applicant’s qualifying application is accepted, a house visit will be made for the purpose of an assessment of the scope of the required repairs.
  6. If the qualifying application is accepted, this is not a guarantee of repair.
  7. If the type and amount of repair work is within the capabilities of Coos Bay Area Habitat for Humanity, a supplementary application must be filled out and processed. If it is approved, Coos Bay Habitat for Humanity will schedule the repairs.


Qualifying Application!